Examples – Guided Tour

Call Monitor

Online features of MicroBX. On the picture below you can see current calls. Now you are able to:

  • watch calls in real-time,
  • scroll back last 600 calls,
  • print cash slips for certain calls
  • tag calls with project codes.

Alarms and Color Options

Following conditions are possible for Alarms:

  • Calls to certain numbers or area codes,
  • Calls longer than a certain minimum
  • Expensive calls
  • Unanswered calls
  • Calls to or from a certain extension or group of extensions
  • Incoming call (required to display CLIP Information!)

Reactions when an alarm was triggered:

  • Display color for specified alarm,
  • Maximize MicroBX programm,
  • Acoustic signal,
  • print cash slip (Restaurants, Hotels, etc.)
  • Write to file for later processing
  • Run a batch file (send text message or mail, for example)
  • CLIP – incoming calls will open a window displaying caller ID and name and called extension.
  • Open notes file for this number.

Define reports

MicroBX stores definitions of reports in a file for later use.
This includes everything: what is to be displayed, and how (to printer, as mail, etc).
Creation of Excel files or PDFs is no problem, nor is an automatic distribution as mail.
The criteria for selection of calls, but also the types of reports are extremely flexible and powerful.
And, once you have lost track, you get context-sensitive help.
And, of course, there’s always help when you press ‘F1’.

Sort calls

You can display calls in bar charts or graphs. And, of course, there is a sort option to see the important facts at a glance.:

  • Total duration
  • Total cost
  • Count
  • Phone or extension number

These bar charts can be printed or mailed, either as graph or as CSV (Excel) file.

Ring time

How many calls had to ring how long and at what time of the day?
After you have shown average ring time, you can proceed to find out, at what time of day you had ring times in excess of xx seconds.

Call loading by hour

You see here the average trunk load during the day.
For the yellow bar, the vertical axis denote the number of calls, whereas incoming or outgoing calls are displayed in total minutes.
You can apply any preselection, e.g., inbound, outbound, unanswered, ring time, extensions, area codes, etc.


This screen dump shows some calls and context menu options.
For the selected call, you can choose between:

  • enter an alias name for the phone number
  • enter an alias name for the extension
  • print a cash slip
  • book this call on a guest account (hotel version only)
  • tag a notice to this call
  • reverse search this number on the Internet
  • adjust and save the column widths
  • reset the column widths, after you have messed them up.

Logged in agents

Here you can see how many agents are logged in during the day.

Targeted Picking

MicroBX can now display calls in waiting loops.
Double-clicking on such a call can connect it to an extension of your choice.
Of course, you can have several clients running with each of them using this feature.

Dial help for outgoing calls

If your MicroBX is connected to the PABX via CSTA, we can dial calls for you. If not, you need to install Phoner (Heiko Sommerfeld).
In both cases, you can right-click on any number that is shown inside MicroBX, and we will dial it and put it onto an extension of your choice.

Operators panel


Currently only for Unify (Siemens) we have an Operator’s Panel –
again, you may run it on several clients.
It looks like this:

Double-Clicking (picks) fetches a call or forwards it. Of course, you can adjust the colors to your liking.
And again for Unify/Siemens: we can also connect the Openscape PABX , with all features –
CSTA, Hotel, etc.


Feature MicroBX Base CSTA Clinic/Hotel Retirement Home, Hostel Call-Center Calculator
Telephone Management

Customized Reports / Lists / Diagram

Unattended Monitoring

Applikation Monitor and Restart

Reports to Printer/File/Mail

Customized Rates Tables

Linked PABX

Client/Server with many Clients

Additivies, recurrent or one-time

Notepad per Call

Recognition of outbound unanswered calls


PMS interface to:
Aida/ Fidelio / Hotline/ HS-3 / Protel / Sihot

Display Maid Status

Supervised Wake-up calls

Scheduled Wake-up (24hrs+)

Virtual extensions

Voice Report of Credit

Patient can book any phone

Monitor credit level

Automatic Monthly Billing

Automatic Bank Transfers

Wait-loop occupancy in real-time

Login states by Agents and Groups

Log Agents in or out for all Groups

Display Call Forwarding Status (Panasonic only)

Recognition of outbound unanswered calls

Monitoring of PABX and clients

Busy Field / PatchBoard (Siemens only)

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