With the hotel options you can either run MicroBX stand-alone (mostly smaller hotels or BnB) or connect it to a frontoffice system, which then in turn does all postings and telephone billing under remote control. But even then you still have a full telephone management system, which allows you to check for

  • unanswered calls,
  • private calls,
  • calls with long ring time,
  • admin calls, etc.

When in hotel mode, we have the following features:

  • Check-in/out with call barring,
  • Display of guest name on phone display,
  • Wakeup calls with report
  • Maid status and minibar
  • Do Not Disturb

If your PABX supports these features, so do we!

To Frontoffice-Software, we support FIAS and Caracas-Interfaces.
We have installed and tested with following frontoffice systems:

  • Micros/Fidelio
  • Protel
  • Sihot-Gubse
  • AIDA
  • Hotline
  • Gastrodat

We have complete interfaces with the following PABX:

ASTRA/Ascom serial or IP
Avaya Integral: serial. or with FOIS
AASTRA/DeTeWe OC100: CSTA IP; OC1000: CIL serial or IP
AASTRA/Ericsson CIL serial
MSI Hospix IP
Mitel serial or IP
Panasonic (all – incl. NS1000) IP/USB/serial;CSTA
Samsung IP
Starface IP
Unify (Siemens) HiCom,HiPAth, OpenScape: CSTA serial or IP


WakeUp call
A common wish for hotel application is to
Häufig gewünscht bei Hotelanwendungen: der Gast kann seinen Weckruf selbst programmieren, und wird in seiner Muttersprache geführt. Die Sprache wird beim Check-in eingegeben und an MicroBX über die Hotelschnittstelle weitergereicht.
Zur Sprachein- oder Ausgabe wird eine SIP-Anbindung benutzt.

And we have interfaces to the following WiFi hotspot systems:

  • GoingSoft
  • IACBox
  • KraftCom
  • LANCOM from version 8.82
  • Zyxel VSG1200



Klinik / Wohnheim

With the clinic option, patients usually pay a certain amount and use the phone until this amount is spent.
In this case, active phone calls will be aborted.
Payment and reimbursement can be done by staff or through a vending machine.

Patients receive a PIN which they can use to book any phone to their account. At the same time, they receive a virtual phone number, which stays with them throughout their stay in hospital. If patients are moved to another room, they book new phone using their PIN, and the new phone is attached to their account whereas the old phone is barred.

Upon discharge, automatically a detailed invoice is printed.