Call Center Monitor

For Call Centers we have a special module: a monitor program which shows in short intervals the current call load, Quality of Service and averade duration in Voice Mail and Hot Line.

You can see here at a glance the most important figures of the Call Center:

How many calls in which hot line

QOS – ratio of agent calls as fraction of all incoming calls

Lost calls and short calls,

stale calls,

Voice Mail calls,

average duration of all kinds of calls,

outbound: how many different numbers were called per hour,

which agents are logged in or out.

Output can be on screen, the printer or as CSV file (Excel format).

The most important formulae (like: the QOS!) we adjust according to the special demands of our customers, but most other adaptations can be done by the customer himself.

The Call Center Monitor is an Add-On to MicroBX.

The program can be run in Client/Server mode, i.e., the server is connected to MicroBX and the PABX and produces the statistics, and an arbitrary number of clients subscribe to these server reports. With Panasonic we can also log agents in and out of ACD groups.