MicroBX Base



Retirement Home, Hostel

Call-Center Calculator

Telephone Management

Customized Reports / Lists / Diagram

Unattended Monitoring

Applikation Monitor and Restart

Reports to Printer/File/Mail

Customized Rates Tables

Linked PABX

Client/Server with many Clients

Additivies, recurrent or one-time

Notepad per Call

Recognition of outbound unanswered calls


PMS Interface to:
Aida/ Fidelio / Hotline/ HS-3 / Protel / Sihot

Display Maid Status

Supervised Wake-up calls

Scheduled Wake-up (24hrs+)

Virtual Extensions

Voice Report of Credit

Patient can book any phone

Monitor Credit Level

Automatic Monthly Billing

Automatic Bank Transfers

Wait-loop occupancy in real-time

Login states by Agents and Groups

Log Agents in or out for all Groups

Display Call Forwarding Status (Panasonic only)

Recognition of outbound unanswered calls

Funktionsüberwachung von Telefonanlagen & Endgeräten

Busy Field / PatchBoard (Siemens only)