Hotel Version

With the hotel options you can either run MicroBX stand-alone (mostly smaller hotels or BnB) or connect it to a frontoffice system, which then in turn does all postings and telephone billing under remote control.

When in hotel mode, we have the following features:

If your PABX supports these features, so do we!

But even then you still have a full telephone management system, which allows you to check for To Frontoffice-Software, we support the FIAS and the Caracas-Interfaces.

We have installed and tested with the following frontoffice systems:
AIDA, Gastrodat, Hotline, Micros/Fidelio, Protel, Sihot-Gubse, Silverbyte, Starlight/Infor and more.

When used stand-alone (w/o front-office software), in smaller guest houses the minibar can be used to book items such as bed, breakfast, etc. and print invoices accordingly.

We have complete interfaces with the following PABX:

And we have interfaces for the following WiFi hotspot systems: