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Targeted Picking
MicroBX can now display calls in waiting loops.
Double-clicking on such a call can connect it to an extension of your choice.
Currently, available only for Panasonic and on Unify/Siemens, but soon to come also for other brands.
Of course, you can have several clients running with each of them using this feature.

If your MicroBX is connected to the PABX via CSTA, we can dial calls for you. If not, you need to install Phoner (Heiko Sommerfeld).
In both cases, you can right-click on any number that is shown inside MicroBX, and we will dial it and put it onto an extension of your choice.

Currently only for Unify (Siemens) we have an Operator's Panel -
again, you may run it on several clients.
It looks like this:

Double-Clicking (picks) fetches a call or forwards it. Of course, you can adjust the colors to your liking.
And again for Unify/Siemens: we can also connect the Openscape PABX , with all features -
CSTA, Hotel, etc.

As most of you may have gathered by now, ownership of MicroBX Ltd. has changed.
Once again, Chris Rutkowski is sole proprietor, developer, tester, chief messenger, and more of MicroBX Ltd.

The seat of the company is

MicroBX GmbH
August-Laemmle-Weg 11
D-70374 Stuttgart

The web site has changed dramatically, but is now technically up-to-date.
You may now start checking for typos, flaws, and bring a helluva lotta suggestions!